Retail Fulfillment

Retail fulfillment entails sending your products in bulk to a retail store or store’s distribution hub that are then individually sold to consumers.

Advanced Software Integrations

Retail fulfillment is a specialized area of logistics that is intricate, complex, and different than direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Sending your products to retailers requires a higher level of quality control, accuracy, timing, and attention to detail.

At BCMG Connect, our advanced software integrates with both B2B and B2C platforms, allowing you to sell wholesale directly to retailers. In addition, we’ll ensure to deliver your products and goods to retailers so they can provide your products directly to your customers.

Retail Fulfillment Options

BCMG Connect is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of businesses of all types by providing an extensive selection of storage and fulfillment options. Our precise methods for order processing, shipping, and handling allow us to offer swift and efficient fulfillment services to companies of any size. Whether your products are large or compact, we assure you that they will be expertly integrated into our fulfillment system, resulting in a seamless and positive shipping experience for you and your customers.

Our Fulfillment Capabilities Include:

Books & Media.                                            Apparel

Shoes                                                             Accessories

Body & Personal Care                                 Office & Stationery Supplies

Household Items                                         Toys & Games

Small Appliances**                                     Pet Supplies

Handmade & Fine Art                                 Subscription Boxes

Small Instruments                                       Medical Supplies**

**Must be approved

Certain products may require additional precautions when it comes to storage, handling, and processing. Please note that our current storage facilities do not include temperature control options. However, at BCMG Connect, we are committed to expanding our capabilities to fulfill a wider range of products, and we hope to offer temperature-controlled storage facilities in the future.

We are working to expand our fulfillment capabilities for the near future.